How to choose stainless steel flatware set, precautions for the use of stainless steel flatware set

For kitchen utensils, stainless steel products are very common utensils and tools in our lives. Many shops will buy stainless steel flatware wholesale, because it is more practical and the price is relatively cheap. But it is also the familiar and unfamiliar dangerous goods around us, such as inferior stainless steel bowls, stainless steel chopsticks, stainless steel pots, etc., which can destroy our body at any time. It can be seen that how to choose stainless steel products is very important. It should also be noted that let's take a look at how to choose stainless steel flatware, and tell you the methods and precautions for use.

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. Advantages of stainless steel flatware

Stainless steel flatware has many advantages. Stainless steel flatware contains trace metal elements such as manganese, titanium, cobalt and molybdenum. These are indispensable trace elements for the human body. The human body cannot synthesize it by itself and must be ingested from the outside world. If the human body lacks one or several trace elements, it will suffer from various diseases. Food cooked with stainless steel utensils can be eaten by people, so that they can obtain these trace elements. It prevents the reaction with the acid and alkali substances in the food, and also avoids the special iron smell after rusting of the general iron, and it will not break and has a long life. The surface is bright and beautiful. Cleaning is also worry-free, not afraid of bumps.

. Selection criteria

The three codes of "13-0", "18-0" and "18-8" printed on the flatware are made of stainless steel. The number in front of the code represents the chromium content, the latter number represents the nickel content. is the material that keeps the product from rusting, while nickel is a corrosion-resistant material. For example, "13-0" contains 13% chromium and does not contain nickel. When purchasing, pay special attention to the following:

1. When purchasing stainless steel products, you should carefully check whether the material and steel number used are marked on the outer packaging.

2. Regular manufacturers generally use 304 (ie 18-8) and 430 (ie 18-0) stainless steel as forks and spoons, and 420 (ie 13-0) as knives

3. Under normal circumstances, for stainless steel flatware of the same thickness and shape, high-grade flatware will be heavier than low-grade flatware. However, the difference in density is very small. The density of 304 stainless steel is 7.93, and the density of 430 and 420 is 7.85, which cannot be judged intuitively.

4. The real stainless steel products are not so cheap, because the price of the products is determined according to the cost of the production materials. The light "stainless steel" is definitely not edible grade stainless steel, so don't be greedy for cheap. Buying those fake and inferior products will harm your health

三. Purchase method

1. When choosing stainless steel cutlery, the most important thing is to look at the material used on the outer packaging of the stainless steel cutlery and the marked steel grade.

2. When choosing stainless steel flatware, if you want to choose a relatively high-end stainless steel flatware, you must pay attention to the density of the steel. Under the same conditions, the high-end flatware is slightly heavier than the low-end flatware. You can clearly feel it when you weigh it in your hand.

3. This company's flatware can pass food-grade tests, such as the US FDA, Germany's LFGB food standards


四.Precautions for use


1. Do not store salt, soy sauce, vinegar, vegetable soup, etc. for a long time, because these foods contain a lot of electrolytes. If they are stored for a long time, stainless steel will also electrochemically react with these electrolytes like other metals, causing harmful effects. metal elements are dissolved out.

2. Do not use stainless steel pots to cook traditional Chinese medicine, because traditional Chinese medicine contains a variety of alkaloids, organic acids and other ingredients, especially under heating conditions, it is difficult to avoid chemical reactions with them, which will make the medicine ineffective, and even produce some more toxic substances. large complexes.

3. Do not wash with strong alkaline or strong oxidizing chemicals such as baking soda, bleaching powder, sodium hypochlorite, etc. Because these substances are strong electrolytes, they will also electrochemically react with stainless steel.

4. Do not burn in empty. Compared with iron and aluminum products, stainless steel cookware has lower thermal conductivity and slower heat transfer time, and empty burning will cause aging and shedding of the chrome-plated layer on the surface of the cookware.

5. To keep the cooking utensils clean, scrub frequently, especially after storing vinegar, soy sauce and other condiments, wash them in time to keep the cooking utensils dry.(How to clean old stainless steel flatware daily?

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