Why should we base ourselves on the millennium business capital——Guangzhou?

2023-02-10 15:24

H.F International Industries Limited, which was established in 2002 by Kyle Huang, specialized in designing,producing and exporting houseware dinnerwares and flatware;

20 years experience as manufacturers and exporters in tablewares, we are successful in designing over100 series innovative items per year in variable product lines and selling in global market;

Three reasons for choosing to set up in Guangzhou-Homefavour


International economic and trade status

Guangzhou was once rated as the world's first-tier city by GaWC. It not only has a profound cultural heritage, but also is a national central city, an international business center, and a world-class city.

- Canton Fair, known as

The prestigious comprehensive international trade event held in Guangzhou every year - "China's No. 1 Exhibition".

Homefavour Canton FAIR

The Canton Fair is a window of the times for foreign trade and has become an important channel for many Chinese companies to open up the international trade market. Homefavour was established in 2002 and has been engaged in international trade for 20 years. With the advantage of Guangzhou "International Business Center" as a city of opportunity, it has successfully sold Chinese ceramic tableware to all over the world.


Millennium Business Capital Influence

From the middle of the 16th century to the beginning of the 19th century, Guangzhou, as the birthplace of my country's Maritime Silk Road, is the oldest foreign trade city in history, handed down from generation to generation, and the only long-lasting foreign trade city. It is also the central market for the globalization of commodity trade. .

Since the Tang Dynasty, porcelain has replaced silk as the main commodity in circulation. Porcelain from all over the country has been exported from major ports such as Guangzhou, Quanzhou, and Ningbo to countries around the world, carrying the spread of oriental culture.

Guangzhou has a prosperous history of business roots and profound cultural heritage. In ancient times, it has allowed Chinese ceramics to go to the world, carrying the exchange and dissemination of Eastern and Western cultures. This is consistent with Homefavour's brand concept of integrating Chinese and Western cultures, advocating the perfect fit of Western table manners and Chinese ceramic tableware, and creating a unique modern table culture and art.


Guangcai Porcelain Capital

Guangcai porcelain began in the Kangxi period of the Qing Dynasty and has a history of more than 300 years. Porcelain firing technology includes seven processes: porcelain selection, design, line drawing, color filling, gold weaving, gold sealing, and firing. Guangcai overglaze porcelain presents the artistic effect of compact composition, rich colors, and resplendent resplendent colors. Because it fits the flashy and luxurious style of Rococo art that emerged in the European court at that time, it became popular in Europe and became a treasure sought after by royal families.

According to foreign statistics, from 1602 to 1695, 20 million pieces of Chinese porcelain were shipped to Europe. Guangcai accounted for 63% of the export volume of the three major export porcelains of Guangcai, blue and white, and pastel in the Qing Dynasty, enjoying the title of "world official kiln".

Homefavour has always paid attention to and valued the artistic and cultural connotation of Guangcai porcelain. In the future, it will integrate Guangcai elements into product design to design a

Tableware products with the tonality of "combining Chinese and Western, using the past for the present"

Leading the consumer market with outstanding aesthetics and diverse designs Delivering unique table aesthetics to consumers

The destination of the brand is also one of the endorsements of the brand as a national brand

Homefavour is based on Guangzhou, a millennium commercial capital with rich cultural heritage, and radiates the national market

Want to take advantage of the opportunity of the business capital to go global trade and continue the myth of Chinese porcelain flourishing in the world