Are colored cutlery safe ?

2022-11-18 15:56

Stainless steel flatware through the continuous innovation of production technology, in addition to the classic silver, black, gold, rose gold, rainbow flatware is also more and more accepted by the public, but there are still many users have questions, color flatware set is it safe?

First of all, we need to know how colored cutlery works:

PVD coatings are physical vapor deposition. Stainless steel coating, also known as stainless steel titanium/zirconium coating, is in a vacuum container, on the surface of stainless steel to form a titanium/zirconium compound ion film layer, the film layer can not easily fade in the outdoor environment. PVD coating is different from traditional electroplating and other ways because of its unique properties, high hardness, anti-wear sand, no peeling, no fading, high anti-corrosion, and is not affected by ultraviolet rays.

Appearance: pure metal film, dignified and gorgeous metallic luster.

Corrosion and oxidation resistance: does not fade, not easy to scratch

Don't worry about whether our flatware is safe, they can all pass the international food and drug testing standards and meet the export standards