Brand Dinner Set Customization Case -Changyu koya  cooperation case


In 2021, Hoften(Our subbrands) and China's highend brandy brand Changyu Koya have successfully crossborder strategic cooperation, and become the designated merchant of luxury tableware customization for Changyu Koya's highend tasting session, opening a wonderful interpretation of wine culture and tableware culture, jointly releasing brand charm and creating fashion classic work.

Since the establishment of Changyu Company in 1892, domestic brandy has gone through 129 years of history. Changyu Koya represents the milestone development of China's highend brandy culture and art. koya's brewing craftsmanship still shines on the world stage in the inheritance of ingenuity from generation to generation. This time, HOFTEN was invited by customization and participated in Changyu koya. high-end reception tableware design.

*(Changyu koya Brandy Winery is known as "China's No. 1 Brandy" winery)


In order to better show the brand charm and wine culture style, the Changyu koya team invited HOFTEN to participate in the design of banquet tableware for the offline highend tasting meeting. After the Changyu koya team came to our company to visit the product exhibition hall, they provided design requirements and application scenarios. After receiving the demand, the HOFTEN team held a meeting and discussion with the Changyu koya team. According to the service group orientation of the Changyu koya brandy, they conducted in-depth exploration and gave Make product recommendations

*(The design team and the marketing team are discussing)

According to design requirements and communicated product recommendations, HOFTEN provides a variety of design solutions to the Changyu koya team by digging deep into the brand needs around Chinese elements, brewing raw materials, and the brand itself.


After several rounds of careful discussions, the Changyu koya team finally chose an innovative solution inspired by the grape and wine body packaging type, with a combination of various types and sizes


After the plan is confirmed, the HOFTEN team will deliver the plan to the factory for physical proofing. In the proofing process, we closely cooperate with the factory. After dozens of rigorous procedures, we can control the product details and process requirements in place, and complete the physical proofing on time.

* Production Process

The HOFTEN team brought the samples to visit Changyu koya Company. Through this discussion, the Changyu koya team finally confirmed the samples of the "grape and wine body" product plan and signed the samples.


After the customized product is finalized and signed, the HOFTEN team will deliver the product to the factory for large-scale production, and go to the factory for strict product inspection. After passing the product inspection, it will be packaged in batches and sent to various regions under Changyu koya, thus completing the project. cooperate.

*Packed and ready to ship


*(Customized tableware for banquets)

*   (Physical display)

For a hundred years, Changyu koya brandy has moved people's hearts with its ingenious brewing craftsmanship. Today, HOFTEN appreciates art with its outstanding design. The two parties are not only the inheritors of ancient craftsmanship, but also the pursuers of quality and perfection. The cultural fusion and collision of the field fully demonstrates the brand value fit of the two parties; HOFTEN looks forward to working with more enterprises to start a new customized gift journey with you.

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INTRODUCTIONIn 2021, Hoften(Our subbrands) and China's highend brandy brand Changyu Koya have successfully crossborder strategic cooperation, and become the designated merchant of luxury tableware ...
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